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On Insight Mind Body Talk, Jess & Jeanne, both licensed mental health professionals and body-based therapists, will be extending their areas of expertise beyond the walls of their therapy rooms. Episodes will explore the many aspects of integrative wellbeing as well as dive deeper into mental and physical health issues through a body-centered, trauma-informed lens. They’ll challenge the mainstream “one-size-fits-all” approach to health as well as provide somatic skills for health and healing.  

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Finding Balance With Ayurveda with Kelly Gardner

In this episode of Insight Mind Body Talk, Jeanne talks with Kelly Gardner, a licensed mental health therapist and certified yoga therapist, about using the concepts of Ayurveda to improve mental and physical health. Ayurveda, the “sister science” of yoga, is a system that relies on the elements of nature — air, water, earth, fire and ether — to bring our lives into balance. They talk about how to tune in to each person’s true nature to live more in rhythm in mind, body and soul.

The Toxic “New Year, New You” Mentality

Jess and her guest, Janice Antoniewicz-Werner, RDN, discuss the damage caused by diet culture and what we can do to challenge the “cult”ural expectations to weigh less, exercise more, and “be healthy” at all costs.  Janice provides fresh, and much needed, reboots for creating enjoyable and flexible relationships with food and movement. Relationships that don’t result in fear, guilt, or shame. 

Unleashing Internalized Misogyny: Mindfulness for Women

Mare Chapman, mindfulness-based psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, consultant, and author building on 40 years of clinical experience and 30 years of studying and practicing mindfulness, joins Jess on Insight Mind Body Talk. They discuss women’s mental health and how cultural conditioning trains women to disconnect from their authenticity, thereby by losing their voice and power.  Mare shares how mindfulness can be applied to unleash internalized misogyny so women can live fully empowered, vibrant, and healthy lives.

Exploring Our Energy Centers

Jeanne and Jess, both licensed mental health professionals and body-centered therapists, explore one of Jeanne’s favorite topics, the subtle energy system, otherwise known as the chakras. They talk about psychology, trauma, energy, and share all sorts of interesting ways to integrate the mind, body, and spirit to bring forth a deeper sense of balance in life.

Healing Your Inner Child

In Healing Your Inner Child, Jessica Warpula Schultz, LMFT, and Jeanne Kolker, LPC, look at the prevalence of trauma and how every adult has a wounded child within.  They discuss theories that help to explain how our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings are influenced by the Inner Child.  And as always, they provide mind-body tips and strategies to begin re-parenting your wounded, younger self.

Available for pre-purchase:  “Healing Your Inner Child”.  An e-course presented by Insight Wellness and Jessica Warpula Schultz.  Available December 1st, “Healing Your Inner Child” , is a starter guide to healing childhood wounds and living your best life. To learn about enrolling in this comprehensive, self-driven journey click HERE.

Habit Hacks – The Psychology of Making or Breaking a Habit

Habits! Why is it so hard to break the bad ones while maintaining the good ones?  Jeanne and Jess try to answer just that. They explain the process of habit formation and the neuroscience behind it; as well as, why certain habits are easier to keep than others.  They discuss the path to breaking bad habits and share simple steps for building new ones.  If you’re looking for change, your habits the first place to start.

Dance Movement Therapy with Tara Rollins

Tara Rollins, LPC, DC-DMT, joins Jess on Insight Mind Body Talk to discuss the unique psychotherapy method of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT).  Dance/movement therapy (DMT) integrates the creative process, movement, and verbal processing to help strengthen the body-mind connection.  Jess and Tara explore what DMT is, the difference between Dance Movement Therapy and regular, talk therapy, as well as how it’s used in a therapy session.  Tara shares her experiences as a dance movement therapist and gives the listener safe and simple strategies for creating change in their own life. 

Yoga and the Military with Shaye Molendyke

In this episode of Insight Mind Body Talk, we’re focused on how yoga can help our military service members heal from trauma.  Jeanne welcomes Shaye Molendyke, MA, C-IAYT, a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who holds a master’s in counseling. Shaye is a Certified Yoga Therapist and the creator and director of YogaFit for Warriors, a trauma-informed yoga teacher training program. Shaye and Jeanne discuss ways in which we can help prevent and heal post-traumatic stress disorder among our military.  Shaye explains how yoga teachers and mental health providers  can be empowered to better articulate how yoga works from a neuroscience perspective, so that teachers aren’t just “shotgunning” yoga out into the world, but truly understanding how healing happens.

Bonus content: In this video, Shaye reflects on 9-11 and it’s 20th anniversary.  She presents a hybrid tapping exercise using eye movements in addition to traditional tapping to help overcome feelings of anxiety. Watch here: Hybrid tapping exercise

Relationship with Food and Body – An Introduction to Eating Disorders With Ali Manley

In Relationship with Food and Body, Jess and her guest, Alison Manley, LPC, SUDS, provide a brief introduction to eating disorders.  They discuss the difference between the various types of eating disorders, how to differentiate between eating for health and wellness and eating in a manner that has become disordered, and what the roles are of health providers on an eating disorder treatment team. Ali is a licensed professional counselor specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and trauma. She brings a high level of expertise to the conversation, discussing the body image continuum, body liberation, the “eating disorder voice”.  Ali and Jess share their passion for re-connecting the mind and body during treatment and eating disorder recovery.  And as someone with lived experience recovering from an eating disorder, Ali is passionate that recovery is possible for her clients and their loved ones.

The Running Brain: A Brain Based Approach to Running Pain Free with Amanda Bauer

Amanda Bauer joins Jessica Warpula Schultz on Insight Mind Body Talk.  Amanda is a certified oxygen advantage coach, and breathing, running, and kettlebells expert.  She and Jess discuss a new brain-based approach to running. Amanda gives tips on breathing correctly and assessing the neurological connection between breath and your running pattern. Amanda and Jess explore the strategy of listening to your body in order to increase sport longevity and understanding of your body as something that is empowering, strong and safe.

The Coming In of Coming Out

The Coming In of Coming of Coming Out explores the feelings of pride and shame experienced by members of the LGBTQIA+ community.  Jess and her guest Alexander Einsman, LMFT, discuss identity, relational wounding, shame, and the development of pride both in community and within one’s relationship with Self.  Alexander, who specializes in psychodynamic therapy focused around LGBTQIA identity, the Queer shame -pride continuum, and trauma, provides strategies for cultivating pride within and healing the relational wound of shame. 

The Voices of Insight

In this episode, the whole Insight Counseling & Wellness crew joins in the fun!  Listen in as the staff answers 4 questions. 1) How do you get out of your head and into your body? 2) What have you learned from your work in mental health that you wish everyone knew? 3) What or who inspires you? How do you get motivated? And finally, just for fun, if you had a theme song that played every time you showed up for work, what would it be?

Theme songs: Insight Spotify Playlist 

Somatic Expressive Therapy with Victoria Ellington-Deitz

Jess and her guest, Victoria Ellington-Deitz, LPC, RSMT, talk Somatic Expressive Therapy (SET).  A model of psychotherapy that brings the body (“somatic”) and movement/journaling/the arts (“expressive”) into the therapy process.  Victoria shares insight into the benefits of SET and how listeners can benefit, even from home.

Why Self-Compassion Works

In today’s episode, Jeanne and Jess talk about why we as humans, struggle with being kind to ourselves and explore the many benefits of self-compassion. Increased motivation, increased health outcomes, and even finding the right mate! Learn how to set the critical voice inside your head and lean into compassion.

Cobra Kai Goes to Therapy 

Harkening back to their 80’s roots, Jess and Jeanne use the world of Cobra Kai, the hit Netflix show, to bring you original content explaining the Polyvagal Theory; the simple-yet-complex survival system all humans automatically use to bring balance to their lives. With passion and heart, J & J explore the childhood trauma of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso. Looking with great detail at how Johnny and Daniel’s survival responses influence not only their lives but 34 years later, the lives of their children and the students they mentor.

Free Your Brain & Allow Your Body to Move Well

In this episode, our guest Annie Forest and I talk MOVEMENT.  Movement isn’t just about fitness! It is a full brain – body – mind experience that opens us up to deep connection, healing, and growth. Annie is the owner of Forest Coaching and Studios.  She is 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, a Strong First Level II Kettlebell Instructor, and Certified TRX instructor.  She’ll share new ways to experience exercise. She’ll give tips on “freeing up your brain to allow your body to move well”, explain how to increase your understanding of your body as something that is empowering, and we’ll talk about showing up for your Whole Self in – and out – of the gym.

Bringing the Body into Therapy (Part 2)

In a two part conversation, Jess and her guest, Kate Lauth, MSW, LCSW, talk about bringing the body into therapy. By using the body’s experience as the entry point to treatment, they bring insight and information about the sensorimotor processing system and trauma resolution. Listeners will learn about a body-centered model called sensorimotor psychotherapy and the key concepts SP uses to create holistic change.  Episodes 9 & 10 are a deep dive into the rich understanding offered to us through the wisdom of the body.  

Bringing the Body into Therapy (Part 1)

In a two part conversation, Jess and her guest, Kate Lauth, MSW, LCSW, talk about bringing the body into therapy. By using the body’s experience as the entry point to treatment, they bring insight and information about the sensorimotor processing system and trauma resolution. Listeners will learn about a body-centered model called sensorimotor psychotherapy and the key concepts SP uses to create holistic change.  Episodes 9 & 10 are a deep dive into the rich understanding offered to us through the wisdom of the body. 

ADHD MythBusters with Lynn Hyland

Adults living with ADHD, an “ADHD MythBusters”. Jess and guest Lynn Hyland, clinical psychologist,  explore the experiences of someone with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). What it is, how the body and mind are influenced, and identify common misconceptions of people living with ADHD. Lynn provides tools to help manage ADHD symptoms and feel more confident moving through life. It’s a relevant episode for any person with ADHD as well as their neurotypical allies.

Ep 7: Psychology of Student Athletes with Kelly Kendricks

Jess and her guest Kelly Kendricks, both licensed mental health professionals, have a candid conversation about student athletics, the mental health of student athletes, and the mindset of sports.  Kelly, a coach with 30 years of experience, discusses how families can support children and youth in developing their athletic potential. 

Ep 6: Mindfulness – Healing Mind and Body

Jess and Jeanne, both licensed mental health professionals, talk about mindfulness, trauma, and body-brain healing.  As “recovering fitness professionals”, they deep dive into evidence-based, trauma-informed approaches for difficulties with food, movement,  and stress management.  Listeners will also learn about mindfully healing the inner child, using mindful awareness to cultivate self-compassion, and simple strategies for starting a meditation practice. 

Bonus content: Body scan meditation with Jess

Listen in as Jess provides a body scan meditation. 

Bonus content: Meditation for Peaceful Change with Jeanne

Cultivate the practice of peaceful change with Jeanne.

Understanding the Mind, Body, and Trauma

Jess & Jeanne discuss trauma and how it impacts the mind, brain, and body.  They’ll explore evidence-based, body-centered approaches used to help people deal with the difficulties caused by traumatic events.  As always, they’ll teach simple, mind-body techniques listeners can use in everyday life to feel better.

 Trauma-informed Yoga Therapy with Nikki Cook

Jess, and guest, certified yoga therapist Nikki Cook, talk about yoga therapy. What it is and who would benefit from yoga therapy (hint: EVERYONE!).  Listeners will learn what to expect in a yoga therapy session, how yoga therapy can increase traditional talk therapy results, and how even the every-day, non-yoga practicing person can start healing through short, easy-to-do yoga moves.

The Mind Body Connection (Part 2)

Jess & Jeanne conclude their conversation about the mind/body connection. Sharing information about the Polyvagal Theory, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and other trauma-informed approaches to wellbeing. You’ll learn why safety is an essential component of mind/body work and how you can begin to explore the wisdom of your body. 

The Mind Body Connection (Part 1)

Jess & Jeanne begin a conversation about what the mind/body connection is and why it’s important. You’ll learn how the brain differs from the mind, how the body works in relationship to our brain and nervous system, as well as how the body influences our mind, emotions, thoughts, and memories.


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Jessica Warpula Schultz  
LMFT, CFT, SNS, Sensorimotor Psychotherapist

Jessica specializes in trauma recovery, anxiety and panic disorders, and psychological issues related to one’s physical health condition. 

Jeanne Kolker

Jeanne is a licensed professional counselor and certified yoga therapist. She is the President and founder of Insight Counseling & Wellness.