Group therapy


At Insight, we offer group psychotherapy online. If you are a current client of Insight, please reach out to the provider listed with the group you are interested in. If you are not a client, we require a 15-minute consultation with the group leader. Please email the appropriate person below.

We offer both psychotherapy, and yoga-based groups. Yoga classes and groups can be found on the Yoga Workshops Page.

Upcoming groups


Self-Compassion through Mindfulness

Feeling like nobody understands, or cares? Feeling like you can’t do anything right, like you’re never good enough? Having a hard time feeling like you deserve anything good? Some assume this is just the way it is and try to accept it. Others choose to fester with anger. Others chose the blame route. Or some combination of all three, or more. Do you want to feel valued? Let’s do something about that!

Angela and Claudia will be co-leading a psychotherapy group called Self-Compassion through Mindfulness. This online group will focus on building the skill of self-compassion using the tools of meditation to help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, alleviate traumatic stress and build resilience. This six-session group will occur via Telehealth on Mondays from 9-10 am, beginning February 27 through April 3. Make sure you have a distraction-free area to practice, and please bring a journal or other notepad. Interested in registering or have questions, contact (by 2/15). Space is limited so reach out today!

  • What: Self-Compassion through Mindfulness therapy group
  • When: Mondays from 9-10 a.m. starting Feb. 27
  • Where: Online via Zoom.
  • Cost: Most insurances cover therapy groups. Out of pocket: $210 for the six-week session.
  • Contact:

Trauma-informed yoga


Visit our yoga studio page to learn more about our virtual yoga workshop and drop-in classes.