Yoga therapy

  • Personalized therapy and yoga instruction by a registered yoga teacher
  • Individualized/one-on-one programs
  • Exploration of creating holistic wellness
  • No yoga experience necessary
  • Personal care from a yoga practitioner who understands basic and traditional medicinal aspects, injury and illness, has a knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and a passion for combining modern science with ancient yogic tradition and philosophy

American-Council-on-ExerciseDo you struggle with obstacles that keep you from eating better, moving more and making your health a priority? Do you struggle to adopt the lifestyle you need to fend off preventable disease, live longer and spend less on health care? If you find yourself living in a vicious cycle of temporary change fueled by quick-fix solutions, your achievements may be short-lived. Let us help you end that vicious cycle. Maureen is a certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise, and she has the fitness, nutrition and behavior-change coaching skills you need to empower you to positive, long-term healthy change.

What you can expect

If you’re looking yoga therapy, Maureen will meet with you to assess your needs from a holistic perspective. What works for you physically, emotionally, mentally? She can design a program to help you facilitate sustainable change that leads to weight loss, healthy eating, regular physical activity and overall well-being.


$100 for the initial session
$80 for each continuing session

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