Yoga Health & Wellness Coaching

Yoga Health & Wellness Coaching is for anyone who wants to…

* Have more energy

* Sleep better

* Manage stress, anxiety and depression

* Eat healthier

* Practice self-care

* Move more

* Build physical strength and flexibility

* Have a more positive out look

* Take their yoga “off the mat”

* Live with more ease

In Yoga Health & Wellness Coaching you will work with a 500 RYT/Certified Health & Wellness Coach in a small group (3-5 people) to implement individualized, daily lifestyle habits to support a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Each week we will learn, plan and implement a new lifestyle habit. Habits are cho-sen by the individual and based on Sleep, Self-Care, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Breath practices (pranayama), Daily Routines, Mindfulness/Meditation, Living with Ease.

Time: Mondays 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m., beginning Sept. 10

Location: Insight Counseling & Wellness Yoga Studio, 2021 Atwood Ave., Madison, WI

To register: Call Maureen or Daphne at Insight: 608-244-4859, OR email Maureen at:

Cost: $300 for the 10-week session. Class passes do not apply.

For our Comprehensive Community Services clients: 1.5 hours needed in module to attend 10 Monday coaching sessions, plus 1.25-1.5 additional per class if you desire to attend additional yoga classes.

Please note: Insight offers a discount for college students with a valid student ID. Our classes and workshops are for ages 16 and up; teens must be accompanied by an adult.


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